How to avoid three common homeowners’ insurance claims

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No one wants to make an insurance claim but you might be surprised to find out that some common homeowners’ insurance claims can be avoided.

It’s true!

There are steps you can take to avoid common homeowners’ insurance claims, which can keep your premiums lower – and your stress level manageable.

So, how can you avoid making common homeowners’ insurance claims? Read on:

Water Damage

Water damage just might be the top homeowners’ insurance claim, whether it’s from a sewer backup, a broke pipe, a rainstorm or a leak that went unnoticed.

Water can make a mess and cause other issues so it needs to be dealt with – and fast. But the best thing you can do is to prevent water damage all together.

You can do this by making sure to keep your pipes clean and free-flowing. Don’t put things down your drain that can cause issues. And make sure your sump pump is in good repair and that you have a backup system. Turn off your water main when you are going away for any length of time and make sure you keep your gutters clean and clear.

It’s also a good idea to have your roof inspected periodically.

Storm Damage

While you can’t prevent storms, you can try to limit the damage they do by keeping a few things in mind.

If you know a storm is coming, move your patio furniture and your cars in to your garage, if you have one. Make sure your roof is in good repair and you have no missing or damaged shingles.

Make sure your trees are regularly trimmed, and have any dead trees or branches removed.


Fires are one of the easiest claims to prevent, because most fires are caused by accidents or carelessness. Make sure you have smoke detectors on every floor of your home and test them regularly.

Have fire extinguishers on every level of the home as well.

Make sure you put out candles or open flames before leaving a room and make sure to take extra care in the kitchen – making sure you know how to put out a kitchen fire safely.

Since many fires are caused by fireplaces, make sure you have your chimney cleaned periodically and keep the flue open.

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